Mommy tactics: staying organized

I am all about lists. I find myself stressing less when I write a to-do list or plan a week’s dinners in advance.

Here’s what I usually do. I have shifted my grocery shopping outing to Thursdays. So before Thursday, I sit down and think about the dinner menu for the following week. I then build my shopping list according to the recipes. I love utilizing my dry-erase board for dinner meals. And for lists, I use the application Wunderlist.

I love using Wunderlist for my groceries. Whenever I take my daughter with me to the grocery store, I let her check things off the list on my phone. This keeps her entertained and looking forward to the next item so she can check it off the list. You can even share the list with your partner. This way I create the list on my phone, share it and the hubs can do the groceries. Isn’t technology wonderful?

Making a list came in handy when it was time to prep my hospital bag before delivery. I definitely didn’t forget my phone charger although am sure my wonderful husband would have got me one.

I have four lists for travel alone! One for me, one for the hubs and two for my kid. Her lists include one for items to bring on the plane and another for what goes into the checked luggage. I put everything important to me on the travel list. On my personal travel list, one item is to make sure the stove is off. I am telling you, lists are a lifesaver! I no longer sit in the cab to the airport panicking about whether I checked the stove or locked the house or disconnected all plugs.

I even use Wunderlist to compile my list of questions for the pediatrician. I realized earlier on that once in her office, I forget all my questions. Wunderlist is awesome because, for each item, you can add a note. So when the pediatrician recommends a certain over-the-counter ointment or a vitamin, I add the note in wunderlist. Being an electronic list that is easily accessible (you tend to always have your phone on you) you don’t run the risk of misplacing it, unlike a piece of paper.

Life can be hectic when you have a toddler. Lists help me stay organized.

how do you stay organized? Are there any apps you recommend?

Lena Alaw

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