If you are a parent, I highly recommend seeing the movie Tully. So many moments in that movie resonated with my husband and I. Charlize Theron does a fabulous job in portraying what motherhood sometimes feels and looks like.

There were times, especially when my daughter was first born and sleep was non-existent when I felt like the world was closing in on me. It was just so hard to deal with everything despite all the help family provided. A woman’s body undergoes a tremendous trauma (some call it a miracle and it is) but it doesn’t always feel like a miracle. I envy those women who look so relaxed and are walking around days after a delivery like nothing had happened. I was in pain for months!

I felt stressed, gross, tired, incompetent and alone. Let’s not even get into the feelings related to pain because I can talk about that for days. For all those reasons I could totally relate to the movie. It was so well done, it reminded me of things I had forgotten. That’s the best part! You do tend to forget because each phase of your baby’s life brings in new obstacles challenges and happiness. You then begin to forget the bad, the worry.. the sleepless nights? I don’t think am there with the sleepless nights. I might need a few more years before I forget those!

I love this movie so much! Even the photo cover is relatable for me. My daughter has recently started decorating me with stickers! Lol

All I have to say is I learned that the above is normal. You are entitled to feel exhausted and overwhelmed and don’t let anyone belittle that. I am no expert, of course, if others around you are recommending you seek professional help then maybe do that. Every woman is different. I am telling you about my personal experience.

Tell me about how you felt that first month you were home with your baby. Any advice for other Mama’s? Is it easier or harder for those who have more than one child?

Lena Alaw

Photo: Focus Features

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