Working out when you have a toddler

Working out has been super important to me for years. After having a baby, working out became even more of a necessity. I needed to lose the baby fat but who has the time or energy to workout?

I started off small, used much lighter weights than I had used prior to getting pregnant. And I am still slowly working my way back to the weights I used before. The hubs found a great online site with free workouts. I highly recommend checking out Fitness Blender, they have a variety of workouts which you can do from the comfort of your home. I used to workout while the baby napped (ofcourse that is if I was lucky enough to have caught up on sleep the night before). Fitness Blender’s workouts range from heavy HIIT, to easier cardio, to Pilates to weight lifting. They have so many great videos. The team consists of a husband and wife duo and their instructions are clear and you find yourself forgetting about time as you workout with them. They provide modifications if you have bad knees or neighbors downstairs (or a baby napping nearby 😋)

Another site I enjoy working out to is Xhit. Their workouts are shorter and some are just as intense as Fitness Blender’s. So if you are like me and get bored, try to mix it up. I am a frequent visitor to these two sites and I absolutely love them.

No excuses, whether you have an hour or only 10 minutes. There’s something for you on these sites.

Lena Alaw

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