Mommy tactics: food prep during Ramadan

Food prep is so easy when you love traditional Ramadan dishes. Ramadan is a holy month of fasting. Those who practice abstain from food and water from sunrise till sunset everyday for a month. No, we don’t fast for an entire month! It isn’t inclusive; at sunset, we can eat.

Growing up, my dad and I used to joke that we would not fast unless lentil soup and ‘Tishreeb’ was on the menu. Tishreeb is a traditional Iraqi stew.

The best thing I did this Ramadan was to to utilize my pressure cooker to make these dishes. It was so easy too! I throw the ingredients in and I let it be.

For Tishreeb, I used beef (shoulder cut) cut into small cubes, added tomato sauce (just below the max level), minced garlic, juice of a half lemon and chickpeas. I cooked the eggs and the potatoes separately (potatoes, also in the pressure cooker!).

For lentil soup, I wash the lentils, add tomato sauce (enough to cover the lentils), juice of half a lemon, cumin and salt. I set the pressure cooker on high for 40 minutes and voila.

Being a working mom, and having little time to prep I needed to make big batches of food in advance. The pressure cooker was a lifesaver this Ramadan.

What recipes have you tried in the pressure cooker? I came across a cake recipe once. I have yet to try that. Have you created anything magical using your pressure cooker? Write me in the comments!

Lena Alaw

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