Separation anxiety at daycare

This week’s blog is more of a call for help. My daughter, who is now 27 months old started daycare a little over a month ago. As you might have figured out from previous blogs, she became very ill in her first week. Naturally, we had her stay at home until she got better. Once she was healthy, we went right back to daycare.

She only goes three times a week as we are fortunate enough to have some family nearby which is where she stays the other two days. Since day one at daycare, we noticed her beginning to develop separation anxiety. At home, she must have her daddy with her at all times; otherwise, she whines or cries. We are told that she cries uncontrollably for long periods at daycare. She barely eats or drinks anything while there and comes home starving. The daycare we selected is closer to my husband’s work so he’s the one in charge of drop-off and pick-up.

We feel horrible for her. She wakes up every morning and says ‘no daycare’ and becomes more anxious as we get closer to leaving the house every morning. My husband spends the car ride with her whining or crying.

Are there any parents out there who have had a similar experience? What should we do? I have read numerous articles suggesting random things and nothing has helped. The daycare director tells us it’s a phase and that most kids go through it and it will be over but the poor kiddo is miserable.

Please comment if you have ideas on how you helped your child adjust to change.

Lena Alaw

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