Mommy tactics: 6 home remedies to help your sick child

Well, it hit us. Before winter left and just as the weather started to get nice, my daughter started daycare and brought home the Plague. Ok, it wasn’t that extreme, but the long sleepless nights were rough on everyone.

On her first week at daycare, my two-year-old came home with an ear infection and a stomach bug. It wasn’t long before she started coughing uncontrollably and vomiting as a result. The poor thing was so congested too. Here is a list of six home remedies if your child comes down with a cold or a stomach bug. First thing is first though, you have to get medical advice just to be sure you are getting a correct diagnosis.

1. A humidifier. Ours was on ALL THE TIME. The mist really helps with the congestion and helps the child to breathe easier.

2. Toddlers are too young for cough medicine so unfortunately they have to suffer through the congestion. One over the counter item that I really like is Zarbees. Pay attention to the age indicated on the box. The main ingredient is honey so babies can’t really have it.

3. Natural saline mist like Boogie Mist. This product works great if you spray and then suction out the yucky stuff.

4. Elevate the babies mattress by placing a pillow under it. This works as gravity does and helps ease congestion.

5. Pedialyte is also a must if your child is losing a lot of fluids. My baby developed diarrhea (probably as a result of the antibiotic given to treat her ear infection). So it was very important to replenish her fluids.

6. Because the instructions on the Zarbees was to give one teaspoon every four hours, I gave my daughter 2-3 teaspoon of honey during that time.

Do you have any other tips? I hate to say it, but given daycare, she will likely get sick again. Are there any things you tried or products you purchased that you love? Write me in the comments and let me know.

Lena Alaw

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