5 things I learned as a new parent

Here are five things I learned since becoming a mom. I hope you find them beneficial.

1. If you don’t start tummy-time early, your child’s head will look like a melon. Tummy time helps build stronger neck muscles. My daughter’s head started to get longer rather than round because she was always on her back. Our pediatrician recommended a lot of tummy time and it worked like magic. Just do it.

2. Your child will get sick the day they start daycare. I kid you not, my daughter had a fever the very next day. Expect this and plan ahead if you can. Make sure you have meds in stock or have a plan so that one parent can pick up necessities.

3. Your child will favor one parent over the other. This happens especially if the child is sick. This is a fact, people! My dear mommys, please stop googling things like ‘does my child hate me?’. They don’t. Kids go through phases, and they like to push your buttons as they begin to build their own personalities. It doesn’t matter if you are a stay at home parent or have a full-time job, your kid will choose to favor you for some things and their other parent for other things.

4. I learned to never underestimate my child’s knowledge and skills. Even though I have not yet let her eat using utensils doesn’t mean she doesn’t know how to use them. Test the waters, I am always surprised as to what she knows or can do.

5. Some babies/toddlers are great eaters others are so very picky! I love our pediatrician, I used to get so stressed out when my daughter refused to eat. My pediatrician taught me to look at the bigger picture. She made me ask myself these questions: how much is she eating over the span of a day and of a week. Answering those questions will help you determine whether your child is fine or if you need to seek more medical advice. Of course, if in doubt, ask a professional.

What might seem difficult right now, will be easier later on. Parenting is challenging; as your child grows you will find yourself facing new challenges.

what things have you learned as a new parent that was so unexpected?

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Lena Alaw

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