Mommy tactics: fun, reusable cake toppers

Celebrating a little one’s birthday is so much fun. I love planning for a birthday party. I find that I can spend countless hours researching decor ideas. For my daughters second birthday, I chose a theme that interested her. What is a two-year-old into you ask? Elmo, of course. The party didn’t have any other kids but her (we just had family over and kept the gathering really small). But I did want to surprise her with decorations and of course, no birthday is complete without cake. I went off searching for cake toppers and came across really nice looking hand-made clay toppers (on Etsy). They were super expensive though! Beautiful but I didn’t want to pay $80-$160 for just a topper that would most likely be used once. So, the search had to go on!

Eventually, I found exactly what I wanted at Target. These little plastic Sesame Street characters were perfect for what I had in mind and she can play with them later.

The cake looked beautiful, I couldn’t be more happy with my find. I didn’t end up using all the toys on the cake as I felt it might be too crowded (they come in a set of five).

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to create something magical for your kid. I wanted the fun to last beyond the party.

What did you do for your little ones’ cake? Write me in the comments, I want ideas for next year!

Lena Alaw

*Cake photo by Hala Alaw

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