Traveling tactics: what to take with you on a flight

I love lists. For me, Making a list makes whatever task undertaken much more manageable. When traveling with an infant, I make two lists. One that comes with items I take with me on the plane and one for the items that go in the checked luggage. Today, I am going to share with you my list of items I take on a flight.

1. A Covered water bottle or sippy cup. TSA agents have to inspect bottles with liquids so they will touch the spouts of those uncovered sippy cups; they usually don’t touch the spout if it is covered (at least not with their gloves)

2. Spare clothes for EVERYONE. just don’t risk it, grab spare clothes for your baby, yourself and the hubs if he’s traveling with you.

3. Empty milk bottles if you use formula. Just put water in the bottles, take the formula in its regular container and mix at the airport when you need to.

4. A pacifier if your baby uses one. It comes in very handy during takeoff and landing. My baby didn’t take to a pacifier so we opted to give her water during takeoff and landing. It helps if the baby is chewing/swallowing as the pressure changes.

5. A few wash clothes and some plastic bags or Ziploc bags to put dirty clothes in (in case of a vomit accident).

6. Wipes, both baby wipes, and antibacterial wipes. The first thing I do when I sit in my seat on the plane is a funny attempt to clean everything around me. My husband and I take turns holding the baby and making sure she doesn’t touch anything before we clean it. We use Clorox wipes and make sure we clean everything from the seatbelt buckle to the tray and even the light and fan knobs.

7. Diapers (count the hours from the time you arrive at the airport until picking up your luggage and figure out how many diapers you should carry with you on the flight. Do keep in mind that flight delays could happen.

8. A light blanket or a swaddle for naps.

9. Small toys for entertainment.

10. Changing pad. I hate putting my baby directly on the changing stations in bathrooms. I always wipe it down with antibacterial wipes, dry it and then place my own changing pad on there before placing my baby on it.

Write me in the comments and let me know what it is you take with you on a flight.

Lena Alaw

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  1. Snacks!!! For the baby if they are old enough to be eating food, and if not for them, for the parents! For toddlers, stickers (and something to stick them on) or those water-pen coloring books you posted about last week, or magic ink coloring pads are all great entertainment.

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