Coloring tactics

When my daughter started expressing interest in drawing, painting and scribbling, my husband and I went shopping in order to address her new interests. At first, we purchased crayons (jumbo and regular size) as well as a bunch of coloring books. One small piece of advice is to not bother with the jumbo crayons. We found that they were hard to hold and they break easily!

When we needed more coloring books, we paid the store another visit and this time we were much more successful. I came across Melissa and Doug’s Water WOW coloring books. I instantly fell in love. I hadn’t heard of the company before but loved the idea behind their product. I am a nervous wreck when my daughter holds a crayon. I watch her very closely to make sure she doesn’t color on the wall, the carpet, or her clothes. She has even tried coloring her eyelids.. yay me!

So why did I fall in love with this product? What made it unique? Let me tell you! A number of things:

1. It is mess free! That’s right. I don’t have to worry about my little one eating the pen (it’s plastic) and if she does want to lick it, it’s filled with water! That’s right.. it comes with a refillable water pen! How cool, right? As a working mom, coming home after a day at the office means I have to interact with my daughter and make dinner. This coloring book allows me to be at ease, when she’s coloring, I can start preparing dinner without having to watch her like a hawk. (You want to color your eyelids baby girl? Go right ahead!)

2. Another thing I loved about the Melissa and Doug coloring books is the fact that the sheets in the book are reusable! That’s right! Let the pages dry and the colors disappear like magic!!!

3. The product is so travel-friendly! You can take it anywhere! To restaurants, on a plane etc. The book’s cover has a storage compartment for storing the pen. LOVE IT!

4. The designs are very neat. Some better than others. So far we have purchased the ‘Safari’, ‘Animal’ and ‘Under the sea’. I honestly can’t wait to purchase more!

Honestly, this is one of the most innovative products I have purchased for my 2-year-old.

Write me in the comments, Telling me about other products you love!

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Lena Alaw

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