Diapers and wipes

The funny and embarrassing out of the way first. Until becoming parents, both my husband and I had spent very little time around babies. I held a few and played with a few but never long enough to change a diaper. One thing we learned after months of changing our baby’s diaper is that diapers have an indicator that helps you figure out when a diaper is wet without having to actually open the diaper. A strip on the front that changes color if the diaper is wet! Months and months I tell you! Ha!

When it came to diapers, we tested out different ones until we figured out what we liked and what worked for our budget. Diapers are expensive! And although the difference in cost between brands is just pennies, pennies add up!

We started off with Huggies, realized we didn’t like how they fit nor how they smell. Wet Huggies diapers have this weird acetone-like smell to them. So, we moved on to Pampers. We used Pampers for about a year until finally, we switched to ‘up and up’ (Target brand).

One recommendation I have is to use both day and night diapers. The day ones are good for a few hours but the night ones can really last all night.

We did the same for wipes. We started off using Pampers sensitive and when we felt comfortable to switch (when my daughter didn’t develop skin issues) we then transitioned to Target’s ‘up and up’ brand.

The thing I learned is that it really doesn’t matter! Unless of course, your baby has skin allergies to a particular brand, just don’t worry about it and go cheap.

Let me know if there is a brand you liked and don’t forget to subscribe to the blog!


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