Mommy tactics: 4 ways to use ground turkey

In my kitchen, the one thing I find super useful to have fully prepped is ground turkey. I try to never run out. Being a working mom means I have very little time to prepare dinners. I try to reduce my meal prep on evenings by prepping ground turkey in advance (usually on weekends).

Ground turkey is easy to prepare using a pressure cooker. All I do to prepare the ground turkey is saute some garlic and onions (in the pressure cooker!), then add spices, salt and pepper, tomatoe paste, juice of one lemon and of course the ground tureky.

The entire ordeal takes about 50 minutes (only 10 minutes of that is prep time).

I incorporate ground turkey into meals like wheat pasta, zoodles, tacos and even pesto pizza. I sometimes make a big batch and freeze half of it. This way I only have to prepare it every other week.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s blog. Don’t forget to comment below!

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