Mommy tactics: I don’t know how I ever lived without a pressure cooker

I want to be honest, a few years ago, I was anti slow and pressure cookers. It made me feel nervous to have something on in the kitchen for hours and hours. What if I burnt the house down? What if the pot created too much pressure? I gotta say, those feelings never went away lol, and they might never. But somehow my hubby convinced me to purchase a pressure cooker. He did his homework, knew I needed something to make meals faster and we both wanted something highly rated.

After alot of research, we ended up buying an Instant Pot. And I LOVE it. There are a few kitchen appliances I love, my pressure cooker is definitely one of them. It is easy to use, prepares meals quickly and the food tastes great and the meats oh so tender. I prepare a variety of dishes using my pressure cooker. Lentil soup, chilli, chicken and potatoes and even rice and salmon (to name a few).

This beautiful machine has saved me a ton of time! For example, I can make delicious rice in about 15 minute. This time includes washing the rice and mixing spices. It comes out delicious every time. My rice used to be either too hard or too mushy, never again! It can make lentil soup in about a half hour! Crazy right? I love it. I use it every weekend to prep a big batch of chicken for our lunches. You can even place the chicken at the bottom and potatoes and carrots on top and cook everything together. I highly recommend using a pressure cooker.

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