Mommy tactics: what to do (and not to do) when it’s time for a haircut

My daughter was fortunate enough to be born with a full head of hair. This is not to say that bald babies aren’t gorgeous, it’s just that I was able to utilize pretty hair accessories sooner. My advice when it comes to haircuts is, if you are savvy with a scissors, go ahead and save your time, energy and money and cut your baby’s hair yourself. However, if you are like us, can’t cut hair and want to capture that beautiful first time experience, do consider going to a place that specializes in cutting kids hair.


Our first time went something like this.. I had the brilliant idea to take my daughter to a fancy salon for the first haircut, I wanted to take nice pictures to capture this beautiful milestone. She sat on my lap as I sat in the salon chair. Everything went well until it was time to cut her hair. My daughter worked her way into a panic attack and began crying hysterically. Wanting to calm her down, we decided to to give her favorite snack. Ordinarily she loves this and she often forgets all about her worries when that snack comes into her world. Well, not this time! This time she choked on the snack and began to throw up all over me (in the poor lady’s chair). I was so embarrassed, we cleaned up as much as we could, paid the hairdresser and ran away. I vowed never to cut her hair again.. ha!

A year later I came across an announcement for a new place opening up near us. This place looked adorable and was tailored for kids. We worked up the courage and decided to give it a try. Her hair was out of control and her 2nd birthday is coming up. This place had so many distractions for kids, it was just awesome! They even had Netflix! She loved watching her cartoons. We eased her into every step. We learned our lesson and didn’t just throw her into it. When it was time to dry her hair, I showed her how I would dry my own hair. She loved that and agreed to let the hairdresser use the dryer on her. She was so good! No crying, no throwing up, no embarrassed mommy.

If you live in or around Nashville, we went to the Cookie Cutters in Brentwood. I highly recommend them.

Lena Alaw

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