Salad tactic: how to keep your salad fresh for an entire week

Sundays used to be a day for relaxation. We even used to go out for bike rides! Ha! That is a thing of the past. These days, most of the day is spent doing chores. Around the time my daughter turned one I started to have panic attacks about time. There just wasn’t enough of it to do anything around the home. During the week, we do our hardest to avoid picking up fast food. We truly enjoy a home cooked meal but home cooked meals are time consuming.

As a full time working mom of a one year old, it started getting harder and harder to eat healthy. One of the things I personally found very time consuming was salads. They are healthy, tasty and just plain beautiful but let’s face it, they are labor intensive! We like to eat side salads at lunch and one must always be present for dinner too. I dislike making them. The washing, the drying, the chopping, every night for dinner and lunches got to be too much for me. It’s silly thinking about it.. panic attacks because of salads.. but it is true! So I decided to do something different. I am a planner, I like to plan ahead. Planning helps me manage my stress.

I learned a trick that I want to share with you, it’s simple, but for me it has been so effective. I began prepping all our lunch and dinner salads on Sundays. And the best part, I learned how to not have soggy tasting gross salads by the time Friday rolls around. That’s right! Made on Sunday, had on Friday and still tasting fresh. I saw this trick or shall I say tactic (insert here winking emoticon, because this blog is after all called mommy tactics, get it? Ha? Ha?) on the Dr. Oz show. All you have to do is put the wet ingredients at the bottom and the dry ones on top. That’s the trick! So simple.

On Sunday I pull out five large jars (you can buy mason jars, I simply reuse sauce or salsa jars), and 10 smaller Tupperware containers for the hubs and my lunch salads.

I personally don’t even prepare salad dressing for lunches anymore. We skipped it one weak and realized we survived without it and haven’t really looked back. Each night I pull out one of the premade salad jars, remove the cover, I add olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper, put the cover back on and I mix it. When the wet and dry ingredients mix well, I pour the contents of the jar into a salad bowl and voila. Try this out and I hope it saves you time and energy like it did for me.

Thank you for reading my blog. If you have comments or questions, please add them below. And be sure to follow me for more mommy tactics.

Lena Alaw

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